The Art of Sam Houser: Bananas Can Be Dogs and Armchairs

From Sam’s Art Page:


“I work with marker, acrylic, and other media. I try to arrange images in such a way that I can create new sensations or ideas. My work tends to treat a lot of subject matter as interchangable. Bananas can be dogs and armchairs can work at a factory that makes people. Sometimes I have a definite picture or idea and other times I just start drawing and don’t stop. There is a lot of spontaneity and stream of consciousness at work and I think it shows in my art.”

You can see more of Sam’s work here and here.  Check out his Mog page for expansions of the mind and music collection.  Thanks to Sam, Crash, Cody, Mike and everyone else over at the almighty Mog for enlightening my every visit, and greatly enriching my library, not to mention I’ve saved a bundle on smokes since I started vacationing with Mog during work breaks. Highly recommended.  Good for the ears.

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