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Places to Get Grown and Seen

Sexy social energies in the language influence ancestors who influence who we might be who shape the place with possibility and experience. Enormous systems spring forth anonymous faces with maps and avatars engaging sources and memes like johnny’s apple seed. This is now another landscape because of ideas The process disciplines the complex work.
Chris Weige / Austin / TX

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A Diamond Headed Library

Smoke smoke involving smoke

on flat white rock by waterfall moss and vine.

This is here Pedernales where the creeks get lazy and cross, where the good-time leaves loll and float by the white upturned boat and an ever present collection of golden-sinned girls cooking skin.

In essential terms I am a world word creature in the river valley naming fluids and circumstances, recording and unfolding systems and games giving in to delirious cravings while at a constant toyed with by powerful elements of nature n’ various powers of the organized, ancestral vagina – so tender and all, so great and cunning around my mind running, and better loving in the long hawk winds…

Chris Weige / Krause Springs / TX Pedernales RV

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