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Frankincense Fur Turning to Feathers Turning to Myrrh

Read she said read she said red she said hard sucks radiation and i’m dirty and terrible too. The embedded debt words make me gloom and cunningly try to screw with my space powers, my intoxicated re-flower. Hard she said hard she said herd she said bread sucks radiation and scared all the deer in the garden of good…

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Between Viewer and Makermagic

That opinion manifests no ownership or originality (shock), especially to the part copy/part clone/replication.

To Reality might art resume in the fields of the world, not in response and reaction but in bristling energy underneath industries and super-systems

making it happen underneath our beginnings shared and filtered by our subject’s experience or secret debate.  Stop fighting yourself, how could you say, weight is a wind you’re

on with any part in the play.

Communications are not shallow even when they might appear so.  It’s still a part of the Earth School messaging messages saying shocker,

miracle marker, success.  I’m with them and cannot think anything up to spoil the mystery.

I would not at least devalue this world’s ever=present need for don’t and can’tcoming onto Can in some really crazy ways,

or for so desperately praying for flying spinning space-plates who just might overcome listless dissent in the centering (who are them, who are the3, who are you and me)…



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Don’t Save Yourself

No te salves | Don’t Save Yourself | by Uruguayan Poet Mario Benedetti

Don’t remain immobile At the edge of the road Don’t freeze the joy Don’t love with reluctance Don’t save yourself now or ever Don’t save yourself Don’t fill with calm Don’t reserve in the world Only a secure place Don’t let your eyelids fall Heavily as judgments Don’t speak without lips Don’t sleep without sleepiness Don’t imagine yourself without blood Don’t judge yourself without time. But if in spite of everything You can’t help it, And you freeze the joy, And you love with reluctance, And you save yourself now, And you fill with calm And you reserve in the world Only a calm place, And you let fall your eyelids Heavily as judgments, And you speak without lips, And you sleep without sleepiness, And you imagine yourself without blood, And you judge yourself without time, And you remain immobile At the edge of the road, And you save yourself, Then… Don’t stay with me.


hat tip Human Apparatus | Space Collective


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Thread Through the Enormous Re-Imagining

Love the Weak Too

We are all ever so

in becoming ourselves,

visibly haunted and like the future

sometimes blurry;

Yet we have everything

and have grown together,

discovered treasures and gentle transformations,

become happy ever-so-often,

and as people begin to arrive

a few think it is a vision;

They are confidently assured in their awareness

but deep down love a good surprise

knowing every day the future forwardly shapes the past.

Yet no one monster minds, no one panics or protest-picnics.

People begin to arrive…

Chris Weige | Austin | Share a key intuit 


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