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Quick vs. Slow (Quality Control in Art and Business)

Roskilde Univ. Prof says: Quick working = low quality (like fast food), slow working = high quality (fine food).

Interesting analysis. [via steverubel | Twitter University]

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Small vs. Big

I always wanted the biggest box of crayons. It was always a really cool thing to have. But as I think about it now, someone that would have taught me how to color, to actually do something with 8 crayons, that could have changed my life.  I might have moved from being a consumer to an artist.

Big is about consumers. Small is about artists. Big is about changing people to your world. Small is about preparing people to change their world.

Read the article here.

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Inspiring Photography by Ryan McGinley


Untitled (White Sands) by Ryan McGinley

View more of Ryan’s work here.