The Beauty, Secrets and Utility of Twitter

The Beauty, Secrets and Utility of Twitter for Business

Lots of people laugh at Twitter, call it a waste of time and worse, and, that’s just fine with me. While they’re laughing, I’m learning, listening, meeting, and enjoying a global view of an endless flow of creative thought – 140 characters at a time…[Continue reading here.]

via What’s Next | B.L. Ochman

The above is from B.L. Ochman’s business blog, but I’m posting here with the hope that those who aren’t in marketing, tech, or business per se might be moved to sign up and join the conversations, offer their sage advice, and share a little of the priceless mundane with the rest of us.

Follow me on Twitter if you’d like.  I’ve taken to calling it Twitter University after my uninformed, inexperienced knee-jerk reaction upon first hearing about the service.  Now I consider it an essential learning and communication tool (and then some).  Highly recommended.

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