The Twitstat Poems

The Twitstat Poems

April 27th

I’m compiling a collection of poems inspired in part by the Twitstat Twitter Twitgeist.

This is the first installment unedited.

_30 C/W Reckon_

already found fire and followed;
answer. answer anything (!) apparently awesome

when our minds met that night and sensed someone…
exactly: eyes bed better

yeah yedda (wow) and let life’s long looks sound something off for someone making happy sounds.

A:m exactly… give love the old photo party fix.

_30 C/W Reckon_


_(or ide’s wild)

(or Ida, Southwestern Child)_:

**she said the same in shanghai**

she wanted to walk on the wild side while wearing a full body condom;

hmmm…city comments: calm down,

look at the moist mountains in the backdrop

beyond the multiple hotels motels fountains and demo beds;

t.v. on the night-stand tomorrow trying again…


_31 C/W Reckon_

interesting ideas hmmm

adobe ah air

found a polite bug in the peekaboo project

cool china love in the u.s. made for free

feeling coffee today

thx for the feed

_31 C/W Reckon_

1. Online I am _completely_ myself
* Between the **ins and outs** there is no difference hmmm
* Out there in the air this morning I was haiku leaves
* And have felt just as free on flickr
2. Inspired, renewed
* Walls who watch the web werd fall happily
* In love so weak-kneed they slide down the sink
* Watching this my hands get the haha feeling. Behold:
3. Today I almost entered a cave on Bull Creek
* But a beautiful woman wouldn’t let me go
* Be bold her natural milk
* (…and she is neither fat nor old)

_07 C/W Reckon_

Look, Love (Music in the Morning)

add a friend already

beta better in bed

check the cargo going down

gotta hey hello mahalo

it’s a pretty show


_07 C/W Reckon_

another connection listening, and it looks like love

or why else would we be meeting in these gaps?

morning must make a dream reality, dreams that is

threaded like popcorn round a gift tree that is

sweating buttery sap.


_25 C/W Reckon_

I need a new bed already

a new bed another bed bad

enough to go down eating funlight

hey, let’s move your legs thataway

put yr feet on top of my while I

while I work the sweet spots thinking

tiempo what tiempo?

_25 C/W Reckon_

Ahora always another apple free. A writing storm and the tired headaches caught up to me.

Pretty but claustrophobic.

Big books like dinner.

_25 C/W Reckon_

might mellow tonight, porn video. quick whoa, waiting mellow woman. quick whoa listening love,

hot season enjoying menopause, jesus;

it’s a sweet trip testing the happy hill…

_25 C/W Reckon_

a little light felt so far away in the company of the cool dictionary.

a trip, um, to another place, a drive down webways watching Man get busy and tired

what the fuck – i just wanted to be able to read.

worth it | you better believe


_25 C/W Reckon_

mmm something rad i had while washing a window:

head and a buncha good squeeze, long sex lunch,

delicious watermelon striped panties in my spit.

_26 C/W Reckon_

Two love sleepy Sunday nova;

actually, folks: sweet-tipped pie.

a bird sings outside the window middle of night.

Yay and yum those are bread crumbs two actually taste.

_26 C/W Reckon_

Let me slide my elbow into the cup at the back of your knee

Measure if you will where my fingertips fit then

While I squeeze your left cheek

apart from the other on the right

Let me chew on the nails of your feet

two by two upwards til two fingers fit

into the grooves of your spine let me climb

down your shiny shoulder …

_26 C/W Reckon_

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