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Pictured: Billie Holiday, Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte, Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, Nina Simone, Willie Nelson, Stevie Wonder, Frida Kahlo, Jon Stewart, John Coltrane Customize your order here.


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Pictured: Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Jon Stewart Customize a baby onesie or t-shirt here.


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Fresh misprints are up on the sale page.


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Printing like mad lately, and in the process I’ve collected a pile of misprints (some worse than others). They’re posted for sale here.


The Telectroscope

Yesterday a giant drill bit broke through the surface in London near the Tower Bridge and a similar one appeared in Dumbo, Brooklyn near The Brooklyn Bridge. This was a sign that Paul St George is very close to completing work on an amazing project started by his great-grandfather Alexander Stanhope St George, The Telectroscope, which will be installed at both ends of a transatlantic viewing tunnel between London and New York, allowing people to see each other in the two cities.

Visit The Telectroscope website for more info and their blog for the latest updates.

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Ah, Freedom

In all of these cases, U.S. multinationals have offered the same defense: Cooperating with draconian demands to turn in customers and censor material is, unfortunately, the price of doing business in China. Some, like Google, have argued that despite having to limit access to the Internet, they are contributing to an overall increase of freedom in China. It’s a story that glosses over the much larger scandal of what is actually taking place: Western investors stampeding into the country, possibly in violation of the law, with the sole purpose of helping the Communist Party spend billions of dollars building Police State 2.0. This isn’t an unfortunate cost of doing business in China: It’s the goal of doing business in China. “Come help us spy!” the Chinese government has said to the world. And the world’s leading technology companies are eagerly answering the call.

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A Good Sign


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My cranium is open source

Our mental privacy and cognitive liberty depend first and foremost on the difference of interconnectivity. Moreover, the very concept of the individual, as currently understood, depends on the difference in interconnectivity. Once this difference changes, i.e. internal states of the nervous system are becoming increasingly accessible, our very notion of privacy, privileged access, cognitive liberty and individuality should be reassessed.

Bottom line is that in the future the very definition of individuality will probably be derived not from the arbitrary conditions of one’s biological makeup, but rather how one is connected and to what.

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Shakespeare meets Tarantino

Pulp Fiction was a seminal film. Will Shakespeare was a seminal poet. Obviously it follows that the two should be mixed together, which is exactly what has been done at Pulp Bard. Forsooth, various anonymous contributors have translated Tarantino into iambic pentameter.

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Naropa Poetics Audio Archive

The Naropa University Archive Project is preserving and providing access to over 5000 hours of recordings made at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. The library was developed under the auspices of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics (the university’s Department of Writing and Poetics) founded in 1974 by poets Anne Waldman and Allen Ginsberg. It contains readings, lectures, performances, seminars, panels and workshops conducted at Naropa by many of the leading figures of the U.S.literary avant-garde.

via Internet Archive:  Naropa Poetics Audio Archive

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