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More Proof Poetry is Thriving Online?

“The British-based Poetry Archive has released statistics that visitors to its website are now viewing a total of more than one million pages a month. More than 125,000 individuals – or ‘unique visitors’ in web jargon – have visited the site, which hosts poems and audio readings by the poets themselves.”

via The Telegraph (UK)

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Life Forces the Arts

Have you ever felt drawn to a particular painting, sculpture, or handmade thing but you weren’t quite sure why? It could be that the item was made by an artist who infused his or her chi into the work. The spirit energy per say of the artist; focused emotional energy implanted in the piece while it was being made. The artist puts an impression of his spirit and mental energy into the work.

Even with all the best technique in the world, a painting that lacks chi also lacks a certain vitality, that kind of ephemeral underlying energy that draws me to some work.

via Modern Art Quotes

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