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New Wall Street crisis will create a new financial world order, says RCM CIO

As the sell-off in global markets continues, RCM’s CIO for Europe Neil Dwane believes the aftermath of Monday’s events will lead to the formation of a ‘new world order’, in which the remaining financial giants will flourish.

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Most novels make most poets cringe

It is ironic that Laird, also a novelist, has set up the strawman of television (and, oddly radio, that most literate of mediums) to pose as the enemy of poetry in our age, when, in fact, it is clear that is is the novel that has done the most damage to poetry’s reputation. It is the novel, with its often pseudo-literary mannerisms, that has stolen poetry’s mantle of importance, relevance, and popularity, leaving poetry the scraps. Most novels make most poets cringe, their style is so bad. Poets know how to write, line by line, in a way that many popular, even prize-winning writers of prose do not.

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