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Touching the Night by Hessam Abrishami
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Arno Rafael Minkkinen

Arno Rafael Minkkinen (born 1945) is a Finnish-born artist who grew up and studied in the United States. For over three decades he has made black and white photographic works taking as his theme his own naked body, which is often combined with a landscape or urban space.

Minkkinen is a kind of wizard, whose works are at once witty, profound, humorous and poetic. He does not manipulate his works; instead, they are “real”. Therefore, some of them are truly surprising, arousing feelings of wonderment and confusion in the viewer. Minkkinen’s photographs are masterly works in technical terms: real, old-fashioned, richly toned and beautiful silver-gelatin prints.

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Ode to the Big Sea

Artist:  The Cinematic Orchestra


Album:  Motion


Track:  Ode to the Big Sea


Photograph:  Can’t you see the ocean’s
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02 Ode To The Big Sea.m4a
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