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Moebius Display


Moebius display is a hardware art piece. This video is the first
presentation of this meobius strip shaped LED screen.

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French Harpic

I Am The
Mighty Jungulator

Track:  French Harpic

“I Am The Mighty Jungulator (the band Private Eye magazine called
‘immortal’) extend the parameters of what you can do with live sample processing
using the generative potency of our audio engine (also called I Am The Mighty
Jungulator, and described as ‘the sonic philosophers stone’ by future music
magazine). After months of heavy programming, sobbing, I Am The Mighty
Jungulator finally does what it says on the tin, and delivers that rare
electro-acoustic-interplay-of-analogue-digital-with-zero-latency that we were
always promising (fingers, strings, and wood, captured and instantly shaped into
glistening electronic textures and that). Within this new responsive, improvised
continuum thingy, the band are free to steer the music in any number of
structured or random directions (like riding a drugged bull across a building
site), whilst the jungulator keeps everything in tune and in time.” (via myspace)

Much more at thesixtyone


French Harpic by I Am The Mighty Jungulator
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