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Early Abstractions

Harry Smith’s Early Abstractions






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They don’t count and they have no number words

A small group of hunter/gatherers living in the Amazon rain forest is overturning some fundamental assumptions about the mind. Although linguists have long believed that counting and having words for numbers are basic, if not innate, to human cognition, the Pirahã people in Brazil have no words to express numerical concepts such as “one,” “two,” or “many.” “They don’t count and they have no number words,” says MIT cognitive scientist Edward Gibson, who headed a study published in the journal Cognition [pdf]. (via Discover)


The Puti Trees

Dating back almost 1500 years ago, these two
poems are quoted from the original Zen classic, The Platform Sutra of the Sixth
Patriarch and distinguish differences in creativity between master (Shen Xiu)
and apprentice (Hui Neng).

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Sometimes, this pleasure can be an exuberant one

Most poems get written not because the writer
wants to say something so much as they want to take pleasure in the saying of
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