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A Skeleton Key to Finnegan’s Wake


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A Skeleton Key to Finnegan’s Wake (yes, that Joseph

Finnegan’s Wake is a puzzle I am still trying to solve. Seems like
it’s a lifetime’s work.

Interesting note: (maybe a spoiler? – but not really)

the last line – A way a lone a last a loved a long the

completes the first line – riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve
of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation
back to Howth Castle and Environs

That was the first thing I noticed when I opened the book and I have been
hooked ever since.

Finnegan’s Wake is neck-and-neck with Gravity’s Rainbow as
my “desert island”

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Buraco de Bala

Cover illustration for the second edition of Satellite061 magazine.
Cultural Market Guide of Brasilia.

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Graffiti and Black Bunny

Watch on Posterous

Near the University of Texas campus




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