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Austin Zombie Warnings

Roadsign Hacking in Austin – (Traffic Controller Bruce) Jones, who has one of
only two keys to the locked access panels on the portable signs, said that the
hacker broke into the panels [arguable] on each sign and bypassed the passwords
before leaving five different zombie messages and even changing one of the
passwords. Jones said he had to wait until 8 a.m. to call the manufacturing
company to figure out how to override the hacker’s work [Bruce, please see original
]. He speculated that the hacker could be a computer genius from

Sign hacker broadcasts zombie warnings [austin
Keep Austin Zombie-free [nofearofthefuture]
Zombie Defense League Co-opts Construction Sign

News Report

Anonymous:  I would complain to the Texas DOT; “Zombie” is a
pejorative term and that they prefer to be called

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Poetry Animations

Poetry Animations via YouTube

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