Top 10 Things I Need According to Google

Go to  Type in your first name, and the word needs. Put the search phrase in quotes for best results.  List the top or best ten.

What are the top ten things you need according to Google?

  1.  Chris needs a sex tape
  2.  Chris needs my autobiography
  3.  Chris needs your votes
  4.  Chris needs your sex talk
  5.  Chris needs Wales
  6.  Chris needs a friendly garden organization
  7.  Chris needs a good ticking off
  8.  Chris needs no introduction
  9.  Chris needs more club members
10.  Chris needs hard to find vinyl records

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Things I Need According to Google

  1. Stephanie Lim says:

    1. Stephanie needs some help2. Stephanie needs to be in a family where there are no other children or animals3. Stephanie needs a strong manly shoulder to lean on (preferably an alpha one)4. Stephanie needs a behavior modification approach to deal with some residual effects and strong-willedness.5. Stephanie needs rhinoplasty surgery6. Stephanie needs to get the women together in an alliance7. Stephanie needs to get a life8. Stephanie needs you BAD9. Stephanie needs a date for Valentine’s Day!10. Stephanie needs a family who can help her strive to participate in structured recreational and social activities11. Stephanie needs a straw for her tea12. Stephanie needs to improve but where’s Alick?13. Stephanie needs a sound proofed home to protect her14. Stephanie needs to pay attention15. Stephanie needs a training braYeah, I went 5 over. Sue me!

  2. Garry Tan says:

    LOL I was so confused by this. *wince*

  3. Sharon Lee says:

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