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Poetry and Social Movements


LYRICS OF THE DAWN: Poetry and Social Movements

What is the connection between social movements and poetry? Sometimes the two can seem worlds apart, given that social change often requires intense and unyielding activism, without time for much else. However, the shape of activism can be profoundly creative, and what activists often fight for is a more meaningful and hopeful vision of humanity, a vision that is itself poetry.

Drawing upon his own experiences, artistic protests against the Iraq war, and the words of various writers who understood poetry as political, Budd Hall writes of the close connection between social movements and poetic expression.

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Photo by gabojor : “There are many signs like this by ‘acción poética’ (poeta: Armando Alanís) in the streets of Monterrey MX. ‘Poetry yes politicians no'”

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Street Poetry


Translation : “Poetry is a thing that walks the streets” – Lorca

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Poetry and Progress


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Jean-Michel Basquiat & Francesco Clemente (1960-88, b. 1952)

Pure, 1984


Boulder, CO 1982 at Jack Kerouac Conference


Peter Orlovsky, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, John Clellon-Holmes, Allen Ginsberg, Carl Solomon, (seated) Robert Frank

Photo by Jerry Aronson

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