The Rider – The Pussycats

Music: The Rider by The Pussycats
Video by:


Photo via come on with the rain, i’ve a smile
on my face


I put this together with a bunch of images I collected from various
sources (mostly 80’s videos on youtube if you must know). The song is called
“The Rider” by a group named The Pussycats. They never released an album, just a
few singles that can be found on theGirls In The Garage compilations. I like the way the song
cuts off somewhat mysteriously at the end…(tara-sinn)


Source material:
Rocky Horror Picture Show
George Michael “I Want Your Sex”
Palmer “Addicted to Love”
Sheryl Crow “All I Wanna Do”
Adam Ant “Goody Two
Doctor and the Medics “Spirit in the


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