Poet sues Oprah for $1.2 Trillion


Oprah Winfrey is rich, but a $1 trillion lawsuit seems like a bit much.

 But that’s the dollar figure that poet Damon Lloyd Goffe is seeking from the talk show icon for allegedly plagiarizing portions of his cleverly titled book, “A Tome of Poetry,” according to celebrity photoshop artist, blogger and Miss California detractor Perez Hilton, who picked up the story from the National Enquirer.

The gossip site says that Goffe claims that Oprah repackaged a poem called “Pieces of My Soul” and published it under her name. Goffe, who is based in New York, claims that since Oprah sold more than 650 million copies of her work online at a $20 clip she should have to pony up $1.2 trillion.

Sounds fishy, but the Enquirer has court documents that were filed in US District Court in Washington DC. If it’s true, James Frey may laugh himself to sleep.

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