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RenĂ© Magritte by Peter Puntman

“This animation is inspired by the paintings of the Belgian surrealist RenĂ© Magritte. I really wanted to show what I like most about his paintings, the way of looking differently at normal things. The music is from Paul Simon.”

Peter Puntman

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patti smith | dream of life


a film by steven sebring


Dream of Life is a plunge into the philosophy and artistry of cult rocker Patti Smith.

This portrait of the legendary singer, artist and poet explores themes of spirituality, history and self expression. Known as the godmother of punk, she emerged in the 1970s, galvanizing the music scene with her unique style of poetic rage, music and trademark swagger.

We follow this multitalented and private artist over 11 years of international travel, through her spoken words, performances, lyrics, interviews, paintings, and photographs.


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Architecture Projection Art



Urban Screen


Urban Screen on Vimeo


via Like Cool (there are three more building projection videos at the link)
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