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On Language, Soft Language

Euphemisms are Anti-Magic Words

Our use of euphemisms is proof of a deep-seated belief in the magic of words.

Steven Pinker explains:

“Taboo speech is part of a larger phenomenon known as word magic. Though one of the foundations of linguistics is that the pairing between a sound and a meaning is arbitrary, most humans intuitively believe otherwise. They treat the name for an entity as part of its essence, so that the mere act of uttering a name is seen as a way to impinge on its referent. Incantations, spells, prayers, and curses are ways that people try to affect the world through words, and taboos and euphemisms are ways that people try not to affect it.” (The Stuff of Thought, p. 331)

George Carlin – On Language

George Carlin – Soft Language

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Transcendental Meditation

“Fashion clip of PACO RABANNE’s collection in 1969 from a German TV-Show.

The music is from the library label “KPM 1169 – ARP ODYSSEY – Alan Hawkshaw” the title of the track is TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION.”


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Deja Vu

“Futuristic fashion of the 1960’s from designers like Pierre Cardin, André Courrèges, Paco Rabanne etc.

Most of the scenes are from the German TV-Show “Paris Aktuell”.

The music is “DEJA VU” from Mort Garson’s Ataraxia The Unexplained (1975).”


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Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot


“Her clothes are not fetishes and when she strips she is not unveiling a mystery…She walks, she dances, she moves about. Her eroticism is not magical but aggressive…The male is an object to her, just as she is to him.” – Simone de Beauvoir in Brigitte Bardot and the Lolita Syndrome (1959)

Savile Row’s James Hyman Gallery is celebrating Brigitte’s upcoming 75th b-day (September 28) with an exhibition of vintage prints taken by the original paparazzi who followed her around in the 1960s. My father was a big Bardot fan and I saw her movies thanks to him. I’m glad I was introduced to And God Created Women because a man needs a cinematic reference point for the future. I don’t think Bardot aged well, but that’s why we have these photographs to reminds us of her amazing youthful beauty.


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