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1960’s Texas Music:

Jimmie Menutis Lounge and Club
3236 Telephone at Wayside

Jimmie Menutis Lounge and Club photo courtesy theHAIF.

“It was small, with a stage at one end and red table cloths on the tables; kinda classy. I saw Bo Didley and I think, King Curtis. My favorite memory was of Jimmy Reed of whom I was a giant fan.

Jimmy was to have played one night (I used to have the picture I swiped from the club), but as the night wore on, he continued not to show. Rumors circulated through the club that he was ‘sick’, then that he’d been to the hospital to have his stomach pumped having been drinking ‘wine, screwdrivers, and beer’. He finally came on hours late and it was still great.

The highlight for me, however, and a scene that is branded into my memory, is of him playing along when suddenly his guitar separated from it’s strap and plummeted to the floor. The guy next to him, who played the classic ‘da Da, da Da, da Da, da Da’ rhythm, reached over and grabbed it without missing a beat LIKE IT HAPPENED EVERY NIGHT. It was most interesting!”

Performers included:
Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Diddley, and Louis Armstrong.

More information about the club is in the book Telephone Road by Burton Chapman.

via Scarlet Dukes

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