The Other Side of Paradise


‘The Other Side of Paradise’ is a highly entertaining comedy about a girl named Rose who embarks on a journey of self-discovery on the way to her first gallery opening. Along the way, she picks up Alex, the newly single friend she’s always had feelings for, and her misfit younger brother Jamie, who recently was released from prison. On the road trip, the trio encounter off-the-wall characters and hilarious cameos that chew up the Texas countryside. In the end, the three must come to grips with their own issues of trust, abandonment, love, and ultimately hope. (SWFF)

Director: Justin D. Hilliard

Director of Photography: Ryan Hartsell

Written by: Justin D. Hilliard, Ryan Hartsell, and Arianne Martin

Principal Actors: Arianne Martin, John Elliott, Frank Mosley

Official Trailer

“Don’t Mention the War!” clip with Rose and Alex

Upcoming Screenings

11/06/09, 11/07/09, and 11/08/09
Big Water Film Festival in Washburn, Wisconsin

11/06/09, 11/07/09, and 11/08/09
South Alabama Film Festival in Mobile, Alabama

The Bronx Independent Film Festival

11/08/09 – Surprise Location, TX – TBA
11/10/09 – Hot Springs/Little Rock, Arkansas – TBA
11/12/09 – Memphis, Tennessee – TBA
11/14/09 – Nashville, Tennessee – TBA
11/16/09 – Louisville, Kentucky – TBA
11/17/09 – Indianapolis, Indiana – TBA
11/19/09 – Chicago, Illinois – TBA
11/21/09 – Columbus, Ohio – TBA
11/23/09 – Richmond, Virginia – TBA
11/24/09 – Baltimore, Maryland – TBA
11/25/09 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – TBA
11/27/09 – Boston, Massachusetts – TBA
12/02/09 – Augusta, Maine – TBA
12/03/09 – Montpelier, Vermont – TBA
12/06/09 – New York City, New York – TBA

If your city is not on the list you can DEMAND IT! at eventful.  Show your support for indie film and take a minute to put your zip code on the list!

For more information about the movie visit:

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