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Vivien Goldman – Launderette


Vivien Goldman is a writer and broadcaster — and cult post-punk musician — who has devoted much of her work to chronicling punk and Afro-Caribbean music and culture. A widely published and anthologized journalist, Goldman’s fifth book is “The Book of Exodus,” (Three Rivers Press) described as “vivid and intimate” by Rolling Stone. She is the Adjunct Professor of Punk and Reggae at NYU Tisch School’s Clive Davis Dept. of Recorded Music. Her previous books also include Marley’s first biography, Soul Rebel Natural Mystic’ and The Black Chord, a collaboration with photographer David Corio that chronicles the flow of music through the African Diaspora. A Londoner, Goldman has lived in Paris and now resides in New York.

Launderette by Goldman, Vivien
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Johannes Albers – Recording


Ink on canvas with varnish (2007)

Johannes Albers at Artnet


Hush Little Robot

Bruce Haack – Word Game

Bruce Haack (May 4, 1931–September 26, 1988) was a musician and composer, and is considered a pioneer within the realm of electronic music. He was born in Alberta, Canada.

Word Game by Haack, Bruce
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The Human Expression

The Human Expression – Optical Sound


The Human Expression is a psychedelic rock band from Los Angeles that released three well-regarded singles and made additional demo recordings between 1966 and 1967.  The music of The Human Expression has been compiled by Collectables Records/Cicadelic Records on a retrospective album called Love at Psychedelic Velocity that was released in 1994.

Optical Sound by The Human Expression
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The Pleasure Fair

The Pleasure Fair – The Things We Said Today


Vocalist Michelle Cochrane, singer/keyboardist Robb Royer, bassist Tim Hallinan and drummer Steve Cohn formed the psychedelic pop- flower power quartet The Pleasure Fair in Los Angeles in 1966. The group signed to Uni Records the following year and on the recommendation of session ace Leon Russell.  Pop maestro David Gates was installed to produce their self-titled debut LP. Gates then recruited Royer to join the group Bread.

The Things We Said Today by The Pleasure Fair
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