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Klunk Garden

Photo: Kei Okano

Gelitin is comprised of four Austrian artists who met in 1978 at a summer camp…


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Mad Blunted Jazz

DJ CamSang-Lien


Vocals – Benedicte Pardijon


Sang – Lien by Dj Cam
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Curtis Mayfield – Give Me Your Love

Isaac Julien, Love, 2003


Give Me Your Love by Curtis Mayfield


Give Me Your Love by Curtis Mayfield
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Patrick Ireland


One (detail) – Patrick Ireland


Brian O’Doherty emerged in the 1960s as one of the most multifaceted figures in the New York art scene. Born in Ireland in 1928 and trained as a physician, O’Doherty moved in 1961 to New York, where he soon garnered attention in the burgeoning conceptual art scene as both an artist and a critic. In his work, he investigates limits of perception, language, serial systems, and identity, seeking to engage viewers’ minds as well as their senses. O’Doherty has also invented a number of personas—most notably Patrick Ireland, the artistic alias he adopted in protest against the Bloody Sunday massacre in Derry in 1972 and has used ever since . . . (http://arttattler.com/archivewhitecube.html)


Euphoria by Joseph Barbaccia


Joseph Barbaccia is an artist whose practice covers a variety of disciplines: sculpture, printmaking and encaustic, among others. Barbaccia’s sequinned polystyrene sculptures are extremely captivating through the bold use of abstract form, variegated colour and pure old-fashioned sparkle. Euphoria’s feathery sequins are particularly effective in implying movement and joy. The calming colours of Qualm distract from the claw-like nature of the piece, and Savor is what it is: a piece of popcorn.

Joseph Barbaccia | http://paradisestudio.com

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