Sung Hwan Kim and a lady from the sea


Sung Hwan Kim, Sung Hwan Kim and a lady from the sea, 2005, Single Channel Video, 13min, Color & Sound, Image by Paul Perry

From the Commanding Heights…

In From the Commanding Heights … , a tale of love (between an actress and a president from a past, once inhabited by a living generation of now) is told through text, film/video, and music (in collaboration with David Michael DiGregorio, a.k.a. dogr). The music itself is made with layered voice, ocarina, delay, a sampling keyboard, harmonica, kazoo, pump organ, guitar, mallets, stretched membranous materials, jae-gum (Korean cymbals) and pang-eul (Korean bells). Through this process, a vocalist might turn into a character in the story telling process; the story might turn into music in turn.

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