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Marilyn Monroe, Bel Air Hotel, Los Angeles


Leif Erik Nygards: Marilyn Monroe, Bel Air Hotel, Los Angeles



Aaron Young + 12 high octane motorcycles

Greeting Card 10a
Stained plywood, acrylic, burnt rubber
10 panels:  4 x 8 each
Overall:  16 x 20 ft

Aaron Young’s Greeting Card 10a takes its title from a 1944 Jackson Pollock piece, expanding the connotations of action painting. In Young’s Greeting Card 10a the spontaneous scribbles and gestures associated with Pollock’s subconscious negotiation of the canvas are re-created by something much more powerful: 12 high octane motorcycles. The making of this piece was staged as a performance: plywood panels were laid out to cover a 72 x 128 foot area of the floor, then stained and painted with layers of yellow, pink, orange, and red, covered with a final coat of jet black before a team of bikers rallied on its surface for 7 minutes. Created in the dark with only the bike headlights illuminating the action, the ear-blasting revving of the engines and toxic clouds of exhaust smoke gave the effect of a rock-concert extravaganza, placing abstractpainting in the realm of hard-core spectacle or extreme sport.

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Okamoto Mitsuhiro


Okamoto Mitsuhiro (Japan), Hou Aomori Revolution, 2006, 3 figures with built-in speaker

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Ki-bong Rhee


Ki-bong Rhee (Korea), Bachelor – The Dual Body, 2003, Plexiglass, steel, water, book, water pump, light