Norman Mooney’s Windseeds


BROOKLYN, NY.- Causey Contemporary announced that sculptor Norman Mooney permanently placed his newest sculpture, Windseeds at the Richard and Helen DeVos estate in Michigan.

The piece which consists of three separate eight food diameter cast aluminum isohedrons is the second in a new scluptural direction for Mooney. The first cast aluminum sculpture in this style entitled Star 1 appeared at his two person exhibition, “Falling Short of Knowing” in New York in the autumn of 2008.

Wind Seeds themselves were previously exhibited at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan from September 23 – October 8, 2009. The Devos decided to add it to their collection after viewing the sculpture in ArtPrize.

Mooney says of his recent work, “The sculptures deal with the eternal dichotomy of the present, the immediate moment when we are ultimately becoming and eternally dying at precisely the same time, I am looking to understand the idea of something much larger than ourselves, than our capacity to see, that is ever-present, persistent and constantly in motion. It is our intuitive sense of the whole and our complete inability to define it that the work explores. The Forms are in a state of becoming. In and out of this process of engagement we discover the present. What we intuit, what we feel rather than what we see.”

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