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Going West

Using around 3,000 still images, Andersen M Studio has animated an extract from Maurice Gee’s novel, Going West, for the New Zealand Book Council…

Colenso BBDO commissioned Andersen M Studio to create the stop-frame animation, which took around eight months to complete. The film was designed and animated by the studio’s Line Andersen (one of CR’s Creative Futures from 2006) and photographed by her brother, Martin, who set up Andersen M Studio in 2000.

“The entire film is handmade, using only 10A scalpel blades and paper,” explains Martin Andersen. “It was photographed on two SLR cameras and lit using Dedo lights.”

The film is currently showing as a cinema ad in New Zealand and has been released on DVD as part of a promotional pack for the upcoming film, Under the Mountain.

Design and animation: Line Andersen / Andersen M Studio. Photography and lighting: Martin Andersen / Andersen M Studio. Sound design: Mikkel H. Eriksen / Instrument Studio.


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The Complex of All of These

3000 photographs, 35 books,

2 months at the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY.

Ratatat made the music.


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The Great Penguin Bookchase

bookchase.jpg The Great Penguin Bookchase!

Here’s the official description “The fist edition of BOOKCHASE® was launched at the Hay International Literary Festival in 2007, to rave reviews. Bookchase is the perfect game for anyone who has ever read a book. The game can be played with questions or without – fast or slow. Ever dropped a book in the bath, or lent a book to someone and never got it back?? 2-6 players aged 6 and upwards – the perfect family boardgame. First to collect, beg, borrow or steal 6 books is the winner.” See more pics on the next page!






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