Hampstead Heath by Chris Rochelle

Chris Rochelle uses a Photo Porst Quarter Plate Camera from 1896 and coats the plates with a film emulsion to produce images such as the ones that make up his 2005/2009 series Hampstead Heath. Rochelle explains the project, “I hope to explore and investigate the fictional spheres that accompany early photographic experimentation, and consequently engage in the argument of Spiritualism in the wake of Materialism. While some of the images reveal the entire plate and all of the images began as straight landscape shots, other images are made re-photographing areas of the developed glass plate–small details the size of a needle tip, edges, corners–frames within frames. The final prints are 10x15in. to 40x60in.”

Artist: Chris Rochelle
+ chrisrochelle.com





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3 thoughts on “Hampstead Heath by Chris Rochelle

  1. Steve John says:
  2. Steve John says:

    Cool images!

  3. griffinsabine says:

    Beautiful and strange images, where does the colour come from?

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