Poets Hitchhiking on the Highway


Allen Ginsberg at that same ‘Beatnik party’ in Chicago, Ill., October 1959 – his hand is fondling the dog Corso is feeding cookies to…

(Good art on that wall!)

(Photo: Francis Miller, LIFE)


Gregory Corso w/ milk, cookies, dog & the hand of Allen Ginsberg…

(Photo, cropped – Francis Miller, Chicago 1959 – LIFE)

Poets Hitchhiking on the Highway

Of course I tried to tell him
but he cranked his head
without an excuse.
I told him the sky chases
the sun
And he smiled and said:
‘What’s the use.’
I was feeling like a demon
So I said: ‘But the ocean chases
the fish.’
This time he laughed
and said: ‘Suppose the
strawberry were
pushed into a mountain.’
After that I knew the
war was on—
So we fought:
He said: ‘The apple-cart like a
snaps & splinters
old dutch shoes.’
I said: ‘Lightning will strike the old oak
and free the fumes!’
He said: ‘Mad street with no name.’
I said: ‘Bald killer! Bald killer! Bald killer!’
He said, getting real mad,
‘Firestoves! Gas! Couch!’
I said, only smiling,
‘I know God would turn back his head
if I sat quietly and thought.’
We ended by melting away,
hating the air!


Gregory Corso at a poetry reading, 1959 (Photo: Francis Miller, LIFE)

Perhaps he read them this one, from Gasoline

Last Night I Drove a Car 

Last night I drove a car
not knowing how to drive
not owning a car
I drove and knocked down
people I loved
…went 120 through one town.

I stopped at Hedgeville
and slept in the back seat
…excited about my new life.

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