The Road to Interzone


The Road to Interzone is a partially annotated bibliography of the reading of William S. Burroughs. (…) In 2000, I set out to catalogue every published literary reference Burroughs made throughout his career. The document you hold in your hands is the result. It stands as a testament of an obsession and more importantly, the raw material for an investigation into what John Livingston Lowes called: ‘the shaping spirit of the imagination,’ the source materials of what was to become Burroughs’ literary legacy and the skeleton for an interpretation of the operational processes of influence and the function of artistic inspiration. (…) The Road to Interzone seeks to identify the literary influences that made WSB’s legendary canon of work possible.” 

—Michael Stevens

“A fascinating and richly helpful piece of literary archeology, tracing as broadly as possible the sources William Burroughs had available to him as he wrote. Both the title and the method echo the classic Road to Xanadu, John Livingston Lowes excavation of Coleridge’s reading: Coleridge, like Burroughs, being more than a little interested in drugs. It is a work for which all Burroughs students should be grateful.”

—Larry McMurtry


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