The true is a moment of the false

(No Agenda #178 #179 #180) 

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There are no secrets…only information you don’t yet have.

#178 – HAARP-ing on Earthquakes


This Episode’s Executive Producer: Adam Burkepile, Marcus Couch, Michael Knight
  • Associate Executive Producers: Philip Evans, David Dolson
  • Artwork by: Paul T.
  • Knighthoods: Michael Knight
Sampling of show notes:


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#179 – The Douchebags Show


This Episode’s Executive Producers: Rene Swertz, Adam Miller
Associate Executive Producer: Stephen Guerreri
Artwork by: Paul T.
Knighthoods: Rene Swertz and Larry Roik
PR Associate: Leigh Brown, Paul Bausemer

Sampling of show notes:


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#180 – Media Corruption Now in 3D


This Episode’s Executive Producer: Shane Brady
  • Associate Executive Producers: Andrew Blackburn, Justin Vincent, Uwe Putze
  • Artwork by: Paul T
  • Knighthoods: Shane Brady
  • PR Associate: Daniel Wheaton
Sampling of the show notes:
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