Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s Aerial Photography


Fish nets on the Beach, Saham, Oman


Breeding near Lake Coleridge, New Zealand


The Corcovado overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Tulip fields near Lisse, Amsterdam Region, Netherlands


Talc quarry at Trimouns Ariège, France


Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s aerial photography


More via freshpics


Corcovado, meaning “hunchback” in Portuguese, is a mountain in central Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 710-metre (2,329 ft) granite peak is located in the Tijuca Forest, a national park.

Corcovado hill lies just west of the city center but is wholly within the city limits and visible from great distances. It is known worldwide for the 38-meter (125 ft) statue of Jesus atop its peak, entitled Cristo Redentor or “Christ the Redeemer


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