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Malcolm McLaren Keynote at Handheld Learning 2009

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Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Txt Pistols

Malcolm’s McLaren’s “Reflections on Learning” keynote presented at the Handheld Learning Conference 2009, London.

“This talk from Malcolm at the Handheld Learning Conference 2009 will, I believe, stand the test of time. The speech doesn’t elaborate about the period of the Sex Pistols, New York Dolls, Vivienne Westwood, his impact on design, fashion and music culture and the many other important achievements of Malcolm’s life that will be reported in obituaries over the coming days. Instead and in keeping with the theme of the conference Malcolm discusses in his inimitable style – his life, learning, authenticy vs karaoke culture and what we gain from the experience of failure. Ironically, failure was something Malcolm never achieved. The talk was anything but ordinary, it polarised our audience and instantly trended globally on Twitter but what else would you expect?

Bravo and rest in peace, Malcolm”

~ Graham Brown-Martin, Founder

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