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Life in Rural America

More via weetstraw.com

Scans from National Graphic Society Life in Rural America, 1974.

This set at hi-res on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/weetstraw/sets/72157623180593501/

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Sun’s path June to December


“Last June I placed some photographic film into a tin cannister with a small hole punched into its side. The tin cannister was then attached to a clothes pole in my backgarden and left.

This afternoon I fetched the cannister and took the photographic film out. My son John scanned the photographic film and with the aid of some image software made the image negative.

The result is the picture above.

The picture clearly shows the path of the sun through the sky over the last six months.

I believe you can see we didn’t have a great summer by the broken lines at the top.”

Solar Path Experiment:


hat tip http://kottke.org

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How to Draw Time – Paper Cuts Blog


Emma Willard’s “Temple of Time” (1846).

“Cartographies of Time,” published recently by Princeton Architectural Press, is an eye-popping record of the ways that mapmakers, chronologists, artists and other infographics geeks have tried to convey the passage of time visually. “What does history look like?” the coauthors Daniel Rosenberg and Anthony Grafton write in their introduction. “How do you draw time?”

Jennifer Schuessler | NYT

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Hong Chun Zhang

Charcoal and graphite drawings by Hong Chun Zhang.

Hair drawings by artist Hong Chun Zhang

Hair drawings by artist Hong Chun Zhang

Hair drawings by artist Hong Chun Zhang

Hair drawings by artist Hong Chun Zhang