Francesca Woodman


Francesca Woodman was born in 1958, in Denver Colorado, and lived most of her tragically brief life in New York. Having taken her first photograph at 13, she committed suicide in 1981 at the age of 22, but in the few years that account for her career she created an enduring body of photographic work that continues to fascinate and influence today. Woodman appears frequently in her exquisitely odd and unsettling silver gelatin photographs, her body often seeming to blend into her surroundings: caught in a state of metamorphosis she is not quite here, not quite there. In others, she uses a variety of props to create strange and dreamlike tableaux tinted with melancholy. Woodman’s work has been subject to extensive critical study by Western academics and has influenced many important artists of subsequent generations.


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4 thoughts on “Francesca Woodman

  1. microwalrus  says:
  2. Holly Friesen says:

    caught in a state of metamorphosis she is not quite here, not quite there…

  3. Brown Eyes says:
  4. Jo Black says:

    A very inspiring artist. About to create a photo in her style for course. Will be interesting. Love self portraiture.

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