Perpetual Canon by Cornelia Parker


Baltic Centre
for Contemporary Art
Gateshead Quays
South Shore Road
+44 (0)191 478 1810

Cornelia Parker, Doubtful Sound
June 19-September 19, 2010

A highlight of the exhibition is Parker’s Perpetual Canon 2004. Shown in the UK for the first time, the installation consists of 60 silver-plated instruments from a marching band that have been squashed and suspended in midair. The title of the work is a musical term to describing a ‘round’, the repetition of a phrase again and again. The instruments robbed of their third dimension have a cartoon like quality, appearing as if they have inhaled, but not exhaled, a catastrophe frozen and forever silenced. Lit from the light of a single bulb, a cacophony of shadows replace the sound, both amplifying and containing the instruments, the shadows of the viewers replacing the absent players.

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