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Club Foot Orchestra


The Club Foot Orchestra is a music ensemble founded in 1983 by Richard Marriott. After a brief career playing dramatic, complex music in San Francisco clubs, they became known for their equally dramatic and complex scores for classic silent movies. The ensemble got their name from a performance art nightclub called the “Club Foot” which flourished in the Bayview district of San Francisco. Marriott, who lived upstairs, formed a house band that came to be called the “Club Foot Orchestra”. Two albums released on Ralph Records document this period: Wild Beasts and Kidnapped. The performers on these recordings included Snakefinger, Beth Custer, Eric Drew Feldman, Dave Barrett, Dick Deluxe Egner, Josh Ende, Arny Young, Julian Smedley, Dave Kopplin, and Opter Flame. ()

Club Foot Orchestra


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A Moving Picture Giving and Taking Book


Stan Brakhage’s book published by Frontier Press in 1971… a response, in part, to Michael McClure’s request for a text on filmmaking for poets and artists… designed by Philip Trussell…

Frontier Press was founded in 1965 by Harvey Brown and chose to publish books by “avant-garde” authors, as well some out of print and unpublished titles…

This book is so tiny and simple, but it’s one of my favorite objects…

From Part One…

“This is a moving picture giving and taking book. It will begin with those areas of moving pictures where the gift of the maker is most easily accomplished, and move toward those areas where taking is predominant – but always with the view in my mind of encouraging giving… my sense of accomplishment being determined by the extent to which the moving picture maker can continue to give when increased technical knowledge permits him to take more and more from and of moving pictures, bless him.”

~ Stan Brakhage

from woolgathersome


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