Yesterday’s New Quintet – Day Of Spirit Man

Madlib and Yesterday’s New Quintet’s tribute the to the brilliant keyboardist, arranger and producer Weldon Irvine. Unlike YNQ’s Stevie tribute, these tracks are not covers of Irvine compositions, but rather songs in the vein of YNQ’s recent Ugly Beauty EP by Malik Flavors, inspired by the man and his music. The bulk of the material here finds Madlib and YNQ exploring deep into the territory of ’60s and ’70s improvised electric jazz. Tracks like “Time,” with its lovely snaking analog keyboard lines, and “Welldone,” with poised, gorgeous melodies anchored by a stuttering beat, both suggest a meeting place for out-jazz experimentalists of the Pharaoh Sanders, Sun Ra and the Strata-East fusion vibe. “Keys” and “Still Young, Gifted & Broke” add Brazilian-tinged rhythms to the mix, while “Day Of Spirit Man” and “Master Wel’s Tune” reveal Madlib’s increasingly strong grasp of the complexity of the jazz idiom……

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