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Underwater Paint by Mark Mawson






Australian photographer Mark Mawson captures these mesmerizing images by pouring paint into water. Many more on his site (under the “series” tab).

Via This Blog Rules.

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ARIS : Music and Film By Ciaran Roche

ARIS : Music and Film By Ciaran Roche
“I cannot promise very much.
I give you the images I know.
Lie still with me and watch.
We laugh and we touch.
I promise you love. Time will not take that away” 
— Anne Sexton —

Special thanks to the Prelinger Archives and Archive.org for the public domain images. The films at Prelinger are a treasure and real history preserved for all to see and use freely. 

I used two small slices of times past in this film. 

The dancer is Sheree North a queen of the burlesque, named “fire ball” by the red colour of her hair. For more details on Ms. North please visit  

Recorded Beech Hill Studios: August 2010.
Video Produced: September 2nd 2010. 

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Antony Gormley’s Exposure in the Netherlands


View of a huge sculpture of a crouching figure, looking out over the IJsselmeer, placed on a dam in Lelystad, The Netherlands, 17 September 2010. The artwork, entitled Exposure, by British artist Antony Gormley is about 25 metres high. EPA/KOEN VAN WEEL.

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