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Allen Ginsberg in London – Ah Sunflower

Rare footge of Allen Ginsberg taken in London 1967 at the dialectics of liberation conference by Iain sinclair.

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Bread Bird

“An inquiry as to whether birds would eat bread in the shape of their own. In this case, Chicago pigeons would not.” -Dayton Castleman


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Sculptures and Installations by Min Jeong Seo

2006, porcelain

Sculptures and installations by korean artist Min Jeong Seo.

2006, porcelain

cinderella story
2005, acrylic resin, pigment

To live on
2005, infusionsbags, roses

porous hands
2009, porcelain

2009, installation, expanded polystyrene, steel cable, nylon cord, ca. 12x8x5m

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