5 thoughts on “Wings

  1. Michelle Munoz-Dorna says:

    Awesome Macca pics! I’m a huge (borderline obsesive) fan of everything Beatles, have been reading and researching a lot on them specially this year, and it’s always awesome to see new pictures I hadn’t seen before. Thanks for sharing, and feel free to follow me as I post a lot of Beatles stuff. Been concentrating on finding pics, songs, and other info (the “lost stuff”, if you will) that I’ve learned about in the eight awesome books I’ve read this year (including George Martin’s bio and Peter Brown’s book – great, different insights on the story we all know).Cheers, Prudence ;-)p.s I use one of my various Posterous blogs as a place to “bookmark” found things and use it as a diary where I can record life and look back at it. Therefore, I hope you don’t mind me posting these new pics and giving you proper credit (I always do!). Let me know if you wish otherwise. 🙂

  2. Joe Gande says:

    Awesome Post Chris! Thank you! Paul and the Beatles are one of my biggest influences and heroes(you may have noticed it a bit if you have heard any of my tunes) Just watched the Kennedy Center Honors award show the other night with the tribute to Paul…it was rockin’!! My other biggest hero of all time Steve Tyler was on too and did a great job… so it made the show even better!Peace,Joe

  3. Aija Sevele says:
  4. Chris Weige says:

    Thanks very much, Michelle and Joe! Glad you enjoyed this one.

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