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37 Hitchcock Cameos over 50 Years

Early in his career, Alfred Hitchcock began making small appearances in his own films. The cameos sometimes lasted just a few brief seconds, and sometimes a little while longer. Either way, they became a signature of Hitchcock’s filmmaking, and fans made a sport of seeing whether they could spot the elusive director. From 1927 to 1976, Hitchcock made 37 appearances in total, and they’re all nicely catalogued by Hitchcock.TV and the clip above.

22 Free Hitchcock Films Online

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Francis Picabia – The Cacodylic Eye (L’Oeil cacodylate)


Francis Picabia (French, 1879-1953)

The Cacodylic Eye (L’Oeil cacodylate), 1921

Oil with photomontage and collage on canvas, Centre Pompidou

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