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Martha Colburn for Electric Literature


Artist Martha Colburn animates a sentence from Author Diana Wagman’s transcendent, funny, harrowing tale of a young womans first sexual relationship after a mastectomy. http://www.electricliterature.com/electric-literature-store.html

Wagman is the author of three novels, most recently Bump.

Music by Nick DeWitt.

Single Sentence Animations are creative collaborations between writers published in Electric Literature and contemporary visual artists. The writer selects a single sentence from his or her work and the animator creates a short film in response.

Electric Literature is a bi-monthly anthology of short fiction dedicated to reinvigorating the short story using new media and innovative distribution.
Visit us at http://www.electricliterature.com/

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Evil Of Dracula

Evil Of Dracula

1997 / 2 min

“A Hypno-Physycho-Vampiric spazzm of fanged advertisements with money-hungry, blood-thirsty grins. This animated film in FANGTASTIC color is enough to cause a line-up at your local Blood Bank. Made with home-spun special effects of funnel-vision and hand-colored film. With a Blood Draining soundtrack by the legendary Lyrical Monster Song Master Jad Fair and musical madman Jason Willett. Originally super-8.”

Video excerpt

Hat tip:  Songs in Braille

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