Allen Ginsberg Inscription to Timothy Leary


For Timothy & Barbara Leary amid the noise of kisses and chatter in H’wood late evening in March, dining with Agents photographers, poets, reprobate-politicos intelligent wives, beautiful feet & noses, candle light, salad, champagne Rock ‘n roll bands coming out of our mouths all of us complete successful failures.

March 11, 1985 Allen Ginsberg

(1) Refuge name: Lion of Dharma

(2) Bodhisattva name: Heart of Peace

Stephen Gertz at Booktryst posted this & did a perfect job transcribing. He queries why Allen’d capitalized Agents and we do too. Sometimes Allen capitalized randomly, more often not. This was right after Collected Poems 1947-1980 was published, and Allen’s new agent Andrew Wylie hand engineered a huge book deal for Allen with Harper Collins, so quite possibly Wylie was on his mind when signing that book.

This copy of Ginsberg’s Collected Poems 1947-1980 was being offered by Benjamin Spademan, who was asking £5,000 ($7,400)

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