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Lina Scheynius Self Portrait

by Lina Scheynius

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Me in Tangier by Lina Scheynius

by Lina Scheynius – Me in Tangier (In Zeit Magazin this week)

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Young Crops

Young Crops
by Aerial Photography on Flickr

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A Meadow in the Mountains Le Mas de Saint-Paul

Vincent van Gogh -“A Meadow in the Mountains Le Mas de Saint-Paul”, 1889

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Sunrise on the Steppes

Burliuk, David (1882-1967) -1911 Sunrise on the Steppes (Private Collection)

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Postcard by Alice Notley


Postcard from $lavery (1982)

by Alice Notley

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This is a persistent feeling…

“This is a persistent feeling in a poet but staying alert to all the ways one is coerced into denying experience, sense and reason is a huge task…”

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The Poetics of Disobedience by Alice Notley

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