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Aerial Farm Photography by Edward Burtynsky


Edward Burtynsky’s photographs of mines, quarries, oil fields, ships and airplane graveyards have transformed landscapes of devastation into a thing of beauty. His new photographic series depicts the earth from above, abstracting the terraced farming practices of Spain into a Kandinsky-like painted canvas.

via Kiša Lala | SPREAD ArtCulture



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Young Crops

Young Crops
by Aerial Photography on Flickr

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Agricultural Patchwork


A view of the Austrian countryside from Austrian Arrows Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 OE-LGG while on approach to Vienna Schwechat Airport.

by Matt Hintsa

Matt’s Flickr

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ISS Eye: Earth’s Tallest Man-Made Structure from Space


The 828 meter, 160-story Burj Khalifa skyscraper towers above downtown Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. in an image taken earlier this year by GeoEye 1, the highest resolution satellite in operation. The skyscraper is the tallest structure ever built, taking six years, 39,000 tons of reinforced steel, 330,000 cubic metres of concrete and 22 million man-hours to complete. GeoEye 1 orbits 684 kilometres above the Earth’s surface providing images exclusively for Google Earth and Google Maps applications.


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Hatfield Houses Labyrinth, Hertfordshire


An exhibition at the Centre de Cultura Contemporania in Barcelona reviews the concept and representation of the labyrinth throughout history, making a clear distinction between single-path labyrinths and mazes, labyrinths with a choice of paths, and reflecting on the relevance of this element and different practices and uses today.

In this image: Jason Hawkes. Hatfield Houses Labyrinth, Hertfordshire © Jason Hawkes.

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Terraced Rice Field, China


National Geographic Photo of the Day — Terraced Rice Field, China

hat tip: lethebashar.tumblr.com

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Pacific Star II by Colin Rich

This is the second trip of my home made high altitude weather balloon photography project, Pacific Star. 

The balloon was launched at 5:37pm (PST) from Oxnard, CA and reached an altitude of 125,000 feet snapping photos and recording video along the way.

The balloon burst, the parachute deployed, and the payload floated down for 35 minutes, landing near an old olive orchard Northeast of Santa Paula.

by Colin Rich



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