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The King Playing with the Queen

Max Ernst


Bronze cast 1954 from original plaster

Photos via kimncris and iqbalaalam


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Omni: Pinball Wizardry

In this clip from an old episode of Omni (hosted by Peter Ustinov), electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani describes working on the music and sounds for the 1980 pinball game, Xenon – one of the first ‘talking’ pinball games.

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The Chess Game, 1910


Duchamp, Marcel (1887-1968) – 1910 The Chess Game (Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA)

Marcel Duchamp was a French artist who broke down the boundaries between works of art and everyday objects. After the sensation caused by “Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2” (1912), he painted few other pictures. His irreverence for conventional aesthetic standards led him to devise his famous ready-mades and heralded an artistic revolution. Duchamp was friendly with the Dadaists, and in the 1930s he helped to organize Surrealist exhibitions. He became a U.S. citizen in 1955.

In 1911 Duchamp, the great iconoclast of 20th-century art, was still adhering to the conventions of easel painting, formal composition, narrative structure, and individual inspiration. His formative years were bracketed by studies at the Académie Julien in Paris in 1904–05 and participation in the artistic circle known as the Puteaux Group, which gathered at the home of his older brothers and fellow artists, Raymond Duchamp-Villon and Jacques Villon, after 1910. During this period, Duchamp moved rapidly through a succession of Modernist styles before renouncing painting altogether in 1913 in favor of an art that privileged the intellectual over the optical.

As artist and anti-artist, Marcel Duchamp is considered one of the leading spirits of 20th-century painting. With the exception of the “Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2,” however, his works were ignored by the public for the greater part of his life. Until 1960 only such avant-garde groups as the Surrealists claimed that he was important, while to “official” art circles and sophisticated critics he appeared to be merely an eccentric and something of a failure. He was more than 70 years old when he emerged in the United States as the secret master whose entirely new attitude toward art and society, far from being negative or nihilistic, had led the way to Pop art, Op art, and many of the other movements embraced by younger artists everywhere. Not only did he change the visual arts but he also changed the mind of the artist.

Duchamp was an accomplished chess player and spent much time playing in his later years.

This painting depicts the artist’s brothers, Raymond Duchamp-Villon (on the left) and Jacques Villon (on the right), and their wives, Yvonne and Gaby, in the garden of Villon’s studio in the outskirts of Paris. The two men are shown hunched over a chessboard as they contemplate their next move, while their wives are excluded from the game. Yvonne lies semi-recumbent on the mint-green grass and Gaby nervously fingers a tea set in a scene of crushing boredom.

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The Great Penguin Bookchase

bookchase.jpg The Great Penguin Bookchase!

Here’s the official description “The fist edition of BOOKCHASE® was launched at the Hay International Literary Festival in 2007, to rave reviews. Bookchase is the perfect game for anyone who has ever read a book. The game can be played with questions or without – fast or slow. Ever dropped a book in the bath, or lent a book to someone and never got it back?? 2-6 players aged 6 and upwards – the perfect family boardgame. First to collect, beg, borrow or steal 6 books is the winner.” See more pics on the next page!






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Top 10 Things I Need According to Google

Go to google.com.  Type in your first name, and the word needs. Put the search phrase in quotes for best results.  List the top or best ten.

What are the top ten things you need according to Google?

  1.  Chris needs a sex tape
  2.  Chris needs my autobiography
  3.  Chris needs your votes
  4.  Chris needs your sex talk
  5.  Chris needs Wales
  6.  Chris needs a friendly garden organization
  7.  Chris needs a good ticking off
  8.  Chris needs no introduction
  9.  Chris needs more club members
10.  Chris needs hard to find vinyl records

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Austin Zombie Warnings

Roadsign Hacking in Austin – (Traffic Controller Bruce) Jones, who has one of
only two keys to the locked access panels on the portable signs, said that the
hacker broke into the panels [arguable] on each sign and bypassed the passwords
before leaving five different zombie messages and even changing one of the
passwords. Jones said he had to wait until 8 a.m. to call the manufacturing
company to figure out how to override the hacker’s work [Bruce, please see original
]. He speculated that the hacker could be a computer genius from

Sign hacker broadcasts zombie warnings [austin
Keep Austin Zombie-free [nofearofthefuture]
Zombie Defense League Co-opts Construction Sign

News Report

Anonymous:  I would complain to the Texas DOT; “Zombie” is a
pejorative term and that they prefer to be called

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Fill in the Bank

In exchange for our money, I want the banking industry to __________.

Thanks and may all yr dreams come true,

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