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The Pulchritudinous Review, Issue Three



The PR:  Issue Three is an experimental literary magazine of poetry, art, collage, photography, and design.


This issue features: Alice Notley, Amiri Baraka, Elizabeth Robinson,

Jack Collom, Hillary Keel, Chris Weige,

Damian Rogers, Renee Zepeda, Brandi Strickland,

Lina Scheynius, and many new emerging writers…

The PR3


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36th Summer Writing Program Magazine

The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics

Naropa University

SWP blog



Michael D. Edwards

Annie Maier

Bradley Sands


Book Design:  Bradley Sands and Michael D. Edwards

Cover Design:  Michael D. Edwards

2010, Naropa Press

Boulder, Colorado


Poetry:  Renee Zepeda, Chris Weige 

Photos:  Chiai Matsumoto

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In a Single Picture a Strategy and Result

Kinetic the interface nerve spreads restless kinetic words
re-discovered in the anguish of the anatomical skinny

How grotesque these modern months
how dreamily diabolical the monstrous methods and intimate stunts

When might everyday life be pieces of poetry, World Words?
When might it not?
Visual music wants to change the warsong framework of time
With re-pulsing literature flashing superbeams through pre-recorded walls

Hot honeyed in the installation room,Viewer:
you water songs looking at the many people mazed

In the glittering gutter slurping at the waterbank chain
humping at(o)ms trying to find a pulse

In the rape and pill age
rebuilding after hurricane

after hurricane

after hurricane.

Intuitive evidence mounts and what’s in a name or breed of plant?
What’s in the seemingly familiar mundane lurking about?

Long that hard chorus sneaks and stalks outside my windows hardly worried
about eternity earth or the rough lense of time

Mothering me it knows better from giving and oral story morals
Still, determined stones are living

Tho some know not why
the ground becomes sad music

Sadly dimming
when the air says rise wishes rise.

Chris Weige 
From The Pulchritudinous Review
Ed:  Renee Zepeda

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The Twitstat Project


Bij de post: Gedichtenbundel ‘The Twitstat Project’ van @reckon en @theprhttp://moby.to/tfvrg5

Michiel Berger

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Jessica Smith & Charles Bernstein

Jessica is wearing the Duchamp t-shirt.
Thanks as always, Jessica. 


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The Twitstat Project (now in limited edition and electric)


The Twitstat Project 

A collaborative double book of new/experimental poetry by Chris Weige and Renee Zepeda (Spring 2010). 

Published, designed, and edited by Renee Zepeda and The Pulchritudinous Press:

60 pages, hand-sewn binding, Strathmore-style paper, cherry vellum, personal stamp & bookmark.

Inspired in part by the Twitstat application, whereby users post 140 character messages via mobile phone to Twitter.

Printed in a special limited edition of 36 copies in Boulder, Colorado.

Cover art and photography by Chiai Matsumoto


Purchase a limited edition of The Twitstat Project 

Purchase the electronic PDF version 

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