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That connection between language and magic may be clearer in the word “spell.” It denotes both the order of letters to form words and an incantation to show your mystical power and influence. As that great grammarian Screamin’ Jay Hawkins once explained, “I put a spell on you … cause you’re mine.

To bee or not 2B


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The true is a moment of the false

(No Agenda #178 #179 #180) 

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There are no secrets…only information you don’t yet have.

#178 – HAARP-ing on Earthquakes


This Episode’s Executive Producer: Adam Burkepile, Marcus Couch, Michael Knight
  • Associate Executive Producers: Philip Evans, David Dolson
  • Artwork by: Paul T.
  • Knighthoods: Michael Knight
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#179 – The Douchebags Show


This Episode’s Executive Producers: Rene Swertz, Adam Miller
Associate Executive Producer: Stephen Guerreri
Artwork by: Paul T.
Knighthoods: Rene Swertz and Larry Roik
PR Associate: Leigh Brown, Paul Bausemer

Sampling of show notes:


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#180 – Media Corruption Now in 3D


This Episode’s Executive Producer: Shane Brady
  • Associate Executive Producers: Andrew Blackburn, Justin Vincent, Uwe Putze
  • Artwork by: Paul T
  • Knighthoods: Shane Brady
  • PR Associate: Daniel Wheaton
Sampling of the show notes:
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